A New Game: Global Connectivity, Digital Convergence, and Cultural Virtualization in Sports

Global connectivity, digital convergence, and cultural virtualization have created a New Game

The Global Digital Ecosystem has evolved and the Data Ecosystem is just now emerging. Data is the raw material of the 21st century digital information economy. Experts agree that technologies and architectures that extract value from big data can trigger explosive growth. However, data can also create suffocating noise, which is anathema to value created through story. Because these forces also represent a complete transformation of our culture, we’re at a critical point in the evolution of modern sport.

Emerging Trends

IT + Telecom + Media and Entertainment = A New Digital Ecosystem

The convergence between information technologies, telecommunications, and media/entertainment industries is creating a new global Digital Ecosystem. Given the deep connection between Big Media and sports, this represents a change of epic proportions.

Social Interaction + Mobility + Cloud + Information = A New Digital Economy

The convergence of consumer, enterprise, and operational technologies is reshaping traditional producer/distributor/consumer relationships in the new Digital Economy. Value must be co-created, which means traditional power structures must evolve.

Big Data + New Media + Virtual Space = A New Digital Currency

The combination of big data, new media, and socio-virtual environment is creating a new value system. If it’s not online, it didn’t happen.

Digital + Physical + Social Commerce Dimensions = A New Digital Commerce

A total convergence of commerce across physical, digital and social dimensions is
transforming the way consumers pay and interact with brands, products, people, social networks, and physical environments.

Marketing + Technology + Storytelling = A New Brand

Marketing is taking over business. Technology is taking over marketing. These two shifts are transforming marketing from traditional to digital, from media silos to converged media, from outbound to inbound, from communications to experiences, from art and copy to code and data, from rigid plans to agile iterations, and from agencies to in-house marketing.

Old Media + New Media + Emerging Technology = A New Media Landscape

Media conglomerates are consolidating ownership and vertically integrated across all sectors of industry. Espn is not just Espn, it is ABC and it is Disney. But with new media, everyone is a media brand, and traditional boundaries between producer and consumer are fading.

Transactional databases + Expansion of Multimedia Content + Social Media + Applications of Sensors in Internet of Things = A Big Data Explosion

We are entering the third wave of big data – the 3rd Web era. Over the past few years, every major organization in every sector has invested in big data technologies. Potential connectivity is available if conditions are right. But the sports market is too big, too deep to disrupt. A third space between change and transformation is key.

Data Silos + Lack of Imagination + Digital Gridlock = Dark Data

If data is not connected, structured, and activated, there is no potential to create value from it. Analysts agree that two-thirds of this potential will go unrealized if leaders fail to create a trusted flow of data.